Stefanie b

Stefanie B


Speech Language Pathologist

Clinical Manager, Central Texas Division

“I graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in 2002 and have been living in or around the San Antonio area since 2004. I have been married for a little over 11 years to my wonderful husband, Jaime, and we have a 9 year old son named Eli. When we aren’t working, we enjoy hanging out with our family/friends, listening to live music and competing in BBQ competitions. I love to laugh (usually out loud), dance and sing (like nobody is watching) and the Dallas Cowboys (yes even when they lose).”

“My favorite population within peds is dysphagia. Which is funny because they can sometimes be the most challenging. I cannot describe the complete satisfaction and joy you feel within yourself and you see with your clients and their families when you can help with any type of feeding issue.”

“One of the best things that T2K/GAT offers is (essentially) unlimited CEUs. Not only do they pay for you to obtain your CEUs, but they also offer so many opportunities for you to take a CEU course throughout the year, and for FREE! There is no having to scour the internet to find an appropriate CEU or having to figure out what day works best for you. The Clinical Excellence Team, yes there is an entire team dedicated to you and your CEUs, takes input throughout the year and they bring relevant topics to us all. T2K/GAT is able to give you back the time you would spend looking for a CEU. I’m not saying that free CEUs aren’t nice, believe me, they are, but having the time that it would take me to look for a good CEU allotted for something else, is priceless!”