Therapist Profile: Stephanie Henderson

About me:
I was born and raised in San Antonio and attended Southwestern University. While there, I completed a study abroad in Australia, researching language acquisition in infant, bottle-nose dolphins. This was the beginning of my love for language. I love to travel. My favorite adventures have included scuba diving with sharks in Fiji, snorkeling with whale sharks in Mexico, and zip lining through Costa Rica. Each plane ride home gives me a new perspective on the diversity of cultures and different ways of life. During the day-to-day, I come home to my dog-like cat, Gilly, who I found as an abandoned kitten in a patient’s apartment complex. If you get a weird email from me, then it was probably Gilly walking across my keyboard.

Stephanie Henderson

Why therapy and why home health?
I have always had a love for science and been involved in research labs during my undergraduate and graduate carrier. I also have a passion with behavioral psychology so Speech Pathology has been the perfect blend of my skills in science and behavioral psychology. I love the connection we have with the families we work with and we get to share the highs and lows of seeing their progress over time. I also thrive on the flexibility and constant problem-solving involved in the home health setting.

Why T2K?
While completing my Masters at the University of Houston, I was assigned to T2K as an extern. I loved the experience and am still amazed by the passion every person has for the families and children we work with. Decisions are always centered around what is best for the child, and I believe this perspective is what makes us stand apart. From our direct managers up to the CEO, everyone is genuinely invested in your well-being as a person and professional, which makes the T2K experience feel like a family.

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