Therapist Spotlight Lauren Scasny, DPT Houston

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Lauren Scasny is a native of DeKalb, Illinois, a Chicago Cubs fan and a Physical Therapist who serves families on the east side of Houston.

After growing up in Illinois, Lauren moved to the Milwaukee area for school and remained there after meeting and marrying her husband, Mat. While working in multiple SNFs in Milwaukee, Lauren earned her lymphedema therapy certification. In Fall 2017, exactly three months after their wedding, Lauren and Mat moved to Houston. Since then, they added to their family Mr. Rocky Road, a very peculiar and not-at-all spoiled mutt.

Lauren and Mat both enjoy playing and watching sports, and they even had a baseball themed wedding. They enjoy finding new areas to explore in their newly adopted hometown and trying local things wherever they go. Lauren likes to crochet and knit and says she can often be found crocheting while cheering for her favorite teams. (Go Cubs Go!)

One of her favorite things about being a Physical Therapist is connecting with her patients. Lauren’s favorite thing is walking into a session and seeing a parent light up while discussing how their child attempted something outside therapy for the first time. She is inspired by the direct impact we make in the quality of a child’s life.

“It makes me realize how much positivity therapists have in our ability to instill hope or a sense of normalcy in lives where there might be a deficit of these things,” Lauren said. “I love the challenges that working with kids brings, and that was something I did not experience when I worked in the geriatric population.”

She added that an intense knowledge of Paw Patrol isn’t considered a “must” in most careers and she’s grateful every day for the opportunity to make a direct and long-term impact on her community.

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