My name is Lauren Scasny, and I’m a physical therapist for basically the east side of Houston. I’m primarily located in Pasadena but am moving north toward Humble. I’m originally from DeKalb, Illinois, which is located about 60 miles outside of Chicago. I moved to the Milwaukee area for school and stayed there after meeting and marrying my husband, Mat. While working in multiple SNFs in Milwaukee, I earned my lymphedema therapy certification. Exactly three months to the day of our wedding, we moved to Houston in fall 2017. Since then, we added Mr. Rocky Road to our family, who is our very peculiar and not at all spoiled mutt.

Mat and I both enjoy sports-playing them and watching them. We even had a baseball themed wedding! We enjoy finding new areas to explore in our adopted hometown of Houston and trying local things wherever we go. I also enjoy crochet and knitting and can often be found crocheting while cheering for my favorite teams. (Go Cubs Go!)

I love being a physical therapist because of the connections we can make with our patients. My favorite thing is walking into a session and seeing a parent light up discussing how their child attempted something outside of therapy for the first time. I love seeing the direct impact the team can make in the quality of a child’s life. It makes me realize how much positivity we, as therapists, have in our ability to instill hope or a sense of normalcy in lives where there might be a deficit of these things. I love the challenges working with kids brings that I did not experience when I worked in the geriatric population. There aren’t many careers where intense knowledge on the Paw Patrol is considered a must! I’m grateful every day that I have the opportunity to make a direct and long-term effect on my community.