Therapist Spotlight and Patient Success Story


Jan Coons is one of our exceptional OT’s here in the Houston Division. Jan graduated from the University of Indianapolis with an MS in Occupational Therapy in 1989. She decided to become an OT because she felt passionate about working with patients who had suffered trauma and initially worked in an inpatient rehab setting. After her children were born, Jan fell in love with pediatric therapy and we are so glad she did.

Jan has had the great pleasure of working with Lately Colletti over the last year and Lately’s mom is thrilled with the therapy she is receiving. When she came to us 11 months ago, Lately had severe language and speech deficits and difficulty with fine motor activities such as dressing, cutting and simply playing. Since then, she has been working hard with both Jan and her speech therapist, Fernando. When speech therapy began working with Lately, she was delayed by 15 months in her language skills. Since then, Lately’s language has improved greatly and now she is functioning almost at a 3 year old level. Jan says she has also made great progress. In the picture, you can see Lately working on zipping up her jacket. She is also improving with cutting activities and enjoying playing with toys.

Jan is such a great asset to our team, we are so happy to have her as a member of our family.

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