Therapy 2000 cars to service East Texas, Marshall

9f2fb34678966d829567bb9fd580b76dBy Naomi Prioleau


New company cars with Therapy 2000 will provide home support to little A’Shana Williams, who was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome or Trisomy 18, a rare genetic disorder, at birth.

Williams, 2, of Marshall, has a disorder that causes severe developmental delays due to an extra chromosome 18. The rare syndrome affects fewer than 20,000 per year.

“One in six children is currently diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay, and these new cars help provide care for them at home,” Therapy 2000 Executive Jerre van den Bent said. “Our new cars will enable us to make the long East Texas drives to different towns to help children like A’Shana who need physical, occupational and speech therapy at home several times a week.”

Therapy 2000, a Dallas-based company, has 20 new cars that will help them provide home pediatric therapy services to children and their families across the state.

Without the service, Williams’ grandparents would have to take her to therapy six days a week, which doesn’t bode well for them as they both work full-time. With Therapy 2000’s new service, therapists can come to her and take care of her needs.

“Since children like A’Shana are medically fragile, taking them to different offices several times a week can be dangerous and increases the likelihood of them catching an illness out of the controlled environment of their homes,” her speech therapist, Molly Webb, said. “Our home health therapies address these patient needs and provide a convenient support system for working parents who are trying to meet the demands of multiple appointments each week.”

Williams’ grandmother Mona Bradley said working with Therapy 2000 has been nothing short of amazing.

“It’s phenomenal; she’s had the same therapist since she’s been on the program,” she said. “They communicate very well with me; anything they think she needs and can benefit from, they let me know.”

Therapy 2000 offers in-home care pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology from infancy to adolescence in Texas. Services are determined on an individual basis and include treatment for the following: developmental disability and delay; speech/language delay; feeding and swallowing disorders; cerebral palsy; prematurity; congenital disorders/injury; neurological disorders; Down syndrome; sensory processing disorders; ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorder.

East Texas is the perfect model for home health care because of the distance between cities, and it’s bringing amazing quality care to your doorstep,” Spokeswoman Alexandria Paris said. “A’Shana, I’m praying for her and her family because a lot of kids with Therapy 2000 have severe health problems, and she’s one of the top.”

In January, Williams celebrated her second birthday – a milestone, as the diagnoses for Trisomy 18 have all been grim. Studies showed that most infants born with the disorder don’t make it out of the womb alive. If they do, most don’t leave the neonatal intensive care unit, but if they manage that, then most wouldn’t live past a year. Her ability to beat the odds thus far gave her the nickname “Diva.”

“She has had a rough two years,” Bradley wrote on Facebook in January. “She was given the nickname ‘Diva,’ because she has fought hard to be where she is today.”

Though she has a long road ahead of her, Webb said their company is there to support her and help her every step of the way.

“In a child’s natural environment, home health allows for better carryover of parent or caregiver education and improve the child’s abilities faster, while lessening the need for as many treatment sessions,” Webb said. “A’Shana is now recovering at home from a recent tracheotomy, and Therapy 2000 is supporting her until her trachea gets stronger with age.”


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