Therapy 2000 Success Story: Isaiah

isiah 1Therapy 2000, PT Patient Success Story
by Lisa Chance (HRIT Program Manager)

Meet Isaiah, he was born at 23 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 pound 5 ounces at birth. He was in the NICU for 117 days. He had diagnoses including ROP III, PDA, CLD, fractured L fibula and a staph infection in his left foot. He was on the oscillator for about 3 weeks before transitioning to a vent, CPAP and then nasal cannula before discharge home on PRN oxygen with periodic sat checks. He also had paralysis of his vocal cords and feeding concerns upon discharge home. He was evaluated initially for PT from Therapy 2000 at 7 months of age (3 months AA). At that time, he was functioning at a gross motor skill level at 1 month 3 weeks. He did not tolerate tummy time and was weak with all antigravity movements.

He is now 15 months (11 months AA) and has been receiving weekly Therapy 2000 PT and has made excellent progress. He is now creeping on all fours all over the place and cruising along the furniture. He can stand for several seconds without support and is taking a few steps using a push toy. He can climb over and around obstacles and is endlessly curious and exploring his environment. He has an older brother, who in addition to his mom and dad, follow through with play activities and home exercise program to stimulate motor progress. He is nearing Therapy 2000 discharge and should continue to make great progress in all areas but especially with gross motor skills!

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