Best Child Therapy for
Developmental Disabilities in Texas

Discovering your child has a developmental disability can be scary and overwhelming. Most parents experience a wide range of emotions, including disbelief, anger, grief, and sadness. However, once a parent processes the diagnosis, they realize that their child has not changed, and their child is the same person they were before they were diagnosed. One of the most critical keys to success is to get the child the help they need as soon as possible, as this will improve their quality of life and reduce the burden on the parents.

Therapy 2000 provides a wide array of therapy for developmental disabilities in Texas. We work with children of all ages facing developmental disabilities or delays and help give them the tools they need to continue advancing. Our team has dozens of years of combined experience and is filled with dedicated professionals who go the extra mile to ensure their patients succeed. Our services are delivered by trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to ensure each child has their needs met while under our effective and compassionate care.

    What is a Developmental Disability?

    Developmental disabilities are thought to occur in one out of six children, equating to approximately 15% of the U.S. population. Therefore, there is no reason to feel alienated or isolated if your child has been diagnosed with a disability. They occur in all age groups and within all socioeconomic classes. With this in mind, we work hard to provide therapy for children with developmental disabilities. Some examples of developmental disabilities in children as outlined by the CDC are:

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Learning Disability (the affected categories are spoken, arithmetic-calculation, written, and reasoning/organization)
    • Intellectual Disability (such as Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)
    • Hearing Loss
    • Vision Impairment
    • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
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    These are just some of the most common developmental disabilities. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician or family doctor if you have any concerns about your child.

    Great Benefits

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    Therapy 2000 Therapeutic Programs

    Our therapists offer in-home options that make it easy to get therapy and help a child survive (and thrive) in their natural environment. Research has shown that in-home therapy is often more effective long-term than within a therapeutic office as children can immediately apply what they have learned to their daily routine. Some children only require one therapist, while other children benefit from various therapists and approaches depending on their diagnosis.


    High-Risk Infant

    Designed to help NICU babies transfer from the hospital to their homes.

    Feeding and Swallowing

    We follow best practice methods to help advance pediatric patients who are struggling to feed safely.

    Pediatric Occupational

    Assist children with daily activities of life (ADLs) and improve play and self-care independence.

    Pediatric Physical

    Improve mobility and motor skills so children can reach their full potential.

    Assistive Technology

    Improve the quality of life and introduce independence to children with developmental delays.

    Therapy 2000 has proudly served Northern Texas for over two decades. We have assisted countless families and offered individualized home care therapy options to children across Texas throughout that time. We help children with developmental delays and a wide range of disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders.

    When we first opened our doors, we had a straightforward goal to do what is right and not just what is easy. Today Therapy2000 still follows that goal and uses it to build a framework for how we approach each patient, treat our families, and deliver services.

    The results are evident as Therapy2000 has grown from a small company with one PT that served five patients into a thriving company with six divisions and over 3,000 patients. However, you don’t have to take our word for it; take a minute to read what our clients have to say.

    Our therapists are experienced and care about each of their patients. Our employees are passionate and determined to help improve the quality of life for each of our patients, which allows us to offer the best therapy for developmental disabilities in Texas. For more information about our program and therapy programs, contact Therapy2000 today.

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