What is a Developmental Disability?

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Developmental Disability

Developmental disability is a common diagnosis these days. One in six children, 15%, are currently being diagnosed with a disability or delay.

There are four main types of developmental disorders: nervous system disabilities, sensory related disabilities, metabolic disabilities and degenerative disorders.

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Nervous System Disorders

These are birth defects that affect the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system, which can influence intelligence and learning.

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Sensory-Related Disability

Sensory-related developmental disabilities diagnosis as a birth defect that interferes with the normal function of a body’s ability to sense the world around it.

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Metabolic Disorders

This group of functional birth defects affects a person’s metabolism, which is the way the body builds up, breaks down, and otherwise processes the materials it needs to function.

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Degenerative Disorders

Infants born with degenerative disorders appear normal at birth, but then lose abilities or functions due to this disorder.

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How to know if your child has a developmental disability?

Concerned about your child reaching the appropriate milestones for his/her age? 

Check Therapy for Developmental Disabilities in Texas.

Please download our Developmental Milestones chart here.


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