Working with Families: Collaboration & Autonomy through Home Programs

May 6, 2016 9:00am - 11:00am

*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*

This event is open to OT/ST/PT including OTAs, SLPAs, and PTAs.

This course is pending approval for 2  TOTA CEUs, 2 TSHA CEUs and 2 TPTA CCUs.


Robin Vincent, M.S.,  CCC-SLP

Course Location:

Catholic Life Insurance Building

Conference Room

1635 NE Loop 410

San Antonio, TX 78209

Course Description:

This training addresses one of the primary aspects of working with families, collaboration through home program activities. Participants will learn strategies for supporting the autonomy of caregivers while encouraging their engagement in the therapeutic process, specifically through the use of effective home program development and implementation.  Documentation of teaching, training, collaboration and home program implementation will be discussed and resources for home programming across disciplines will also be shared.

About Our Speaker:

Robin Vincent, M.S., CCC-SLP

Robin began her journey as a pediatric speech pathologist at Texas Christian University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  She then attended the University of Texas at Dallas where she obtained a Master’s of Science.  Her 11 year career has been focused on the pediatric population with emphasis on feeding/swallowing disorders.  Throughout her career, she has attended numerous continuing education courses in the area of feeding and swallowing including becoming vital stim certified, courses focused on oral sensory feeding disorders, transitioning from tube to oral feedings, feeding and swallowing with medically complex patients, and infant feeding.

Over the years, she has developed a passion for working with patients with feeding/swallowing disorders, as well as educating therapists in these areas.  Robin has presented multiple in-staff trainings for feeding assessment and intervention.  In her role as Clinical Feeding Specialist for Therapy 2000, she facilitates/completes therapist education, mentoring, and training to ensure all feeding therapists in the San Antonio division of T2K are of the highest caliber.

Learner Objectives:

  1. List 3 reasons why collaboration and home programming are important for children and families.
  2. Identify and describe effective methods for home program development, teaching and follow up/monitoring.
  3. Provide an example of how to document caregiver collaboration and home programming in an effective manner.


*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*


“Based on our CEU application method, TSHA requires all speech professionals miss no more than 10 minutes of class to receive full credit. Partial credit is not available for speech therapistsIf you are late to class at start or after break by more than 10 minutes, no credit can be granted, although you are still warmly welcome to attend.”

Thank You for your understanding of this externally mandated requirement.

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